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"I'm your worst nightmare... A guy who has a swagger and a pomp, is in a band, happens to have a genius I.Q., often drives cool fast vintage cars, and can chat up any girlfriend you might be able get (and her hot friend) into going for a ride with him in the Hollywood hills.  Other than that, I'm a pretty likable guy."   I supported the Horror Drunx before I was even a member, It was like the horror movie lovers equivalent to what punk rock was when it began... Not that the HD is all that different than I've always been, it's just good to see so many people with the same point of view when I kinda thought I was one of the only ones for a few decades there. Mort asked me to run the Hollywood chapter while we were pulling off the Peter Lorre photo shoot at Hollywood Forever...So that'll tell you my mindset before I guess I was even an active Horror Drunx. Still, I thought about Mort's offer awhile before I said yeah. I've always been a monster fanatic ever since I can remember, in fact my mom felt her first labor pains with me in a movie theater where she was watching a re-release matinee of ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN. The joke in our family has always been that I didn't want to miss the end of the movie. Bless her, she didn't want to miss it either, and she held on to the end credits. My great-grandfather was Max Schreck. No I never met him, sadly he died before I was born. I have no paperwork proving this, I don't need it, my mom told me this growing up. Who is a boy to trust if not his mother? Recently I tried to be a little pushy and get some more information, because things were not quite adding up with this story. Mom kind of inferred a few things about it being related to a family scandal of some kind then clammed up about it, So, I can only think now that I may just be the bastard great-grandson of Max Schreck. Yes, I guess even silent film stars were capable of not being able to keep it in their pants. Oh, well. Get the fuck over it already. I have.   At age 7 I was given a choice to go to Disneyland for my birthday, or go to the Ackermansion. I chose Uncle Forry's house. My parents hedged their bets and let me do both anyway. BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER. I was maybe 8 the first time I corrected a tour guide at Universal Studios... At that age I already knew more about The Creature From The Black Lagoon than he did. Around the same time, I met Lon Chaney Jr. All 4 of the classic Universal monsters in one! My nickname starting in Grade school was "Eddie Munster", that was until the other kids realized I actually liked it. Keep in mind I was in grade school when the show was originally run on TV. So yeah, I guess I was a spooky looking kid before I realized it. Either that or my dad had bolts in his neck. 1977 I took the summer off from film school to start and establish my band. We (along with The Cramps, The Damned, and The Misfits) spearheaded the Horror Punk genre. While that was happening, a short film I worked on garnered over 40 awards at film festivals all over the world. That same summer I also assisted Vilmos Zigmond on a movie called The Rose. Not a bad few months. ;) 1982 I was nominated for best effects in a rock video. Work at a couple 'lil movies for a place owned by a fella named Mr. Lucas soon followed. As did work on a 007 film and a Star Trek movie. Eh, it paid the rent for awhile. late 80's: I started working for several major studios and production companies as a script doctor, basically fixing story problems and rewriting stuff the bigshot name writers couldn't do for themselves. Good money, but uncredited...and confidentiality agreements are in place so don't ask questions. ;) Late 80's - early 90's I wrote and directed a couple seasons of a TV series. 2000: I have been asked to play with members of just about every one of my favorite bands, but I turn most of them down because of what they call "My movie thing". In other words, I have a band already and Hollywood is here so why would I want to move? I did however do one tour playing guitar (which I don't usually do except in the studio) and singing in a reunion of rock and roll legend and hall of famer Gene Vincent's Blue Caps. I am recognised by Dickie Harrell, Bubba Facenda, and Johnny Meeks (all original Blue Caps in '56 and '57) who I played with, as "The Last Of The Blue Caps". Now: Still writing and directing. Several screenplays have been optioned and are in development. Oh, and the band celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2007 and has our name firmly affixed in the music history books. Yes, I've been able to count Vincent Price, Maila Nurmi, Ed Wood and several others as close friends. Most of them you've never heard of though, but I like 'em all the same and if they are known or not I treat everyone the same. I think I'm a good friend, at least I hope so. Celebrity doesn't impress me, someone being a good honest person and doing the right thing even when it might be easier not to, does impress me. No, I don't think I'm terribly special or anything, I'm just a guy. That just happens to be what I woke up and did that day. I've just been lucky, lived through a great era, was in the right place at the right time, and was likable and friendly. Eh. It's HALLOWEEN 365. I do live and breathe that statement if anyone has any doubts. Oh, and I like holding hands and walking on the beach... As long as there isn't too much decomposition on the hands and it is late at night. If you want to know something, ask..
Favorite Music:
SID TERROR'S UNDEAD (of course!) http://www.myspace.com/theundead1977
Favorite Movies:
Classic Universal 20's to 50's, Hammer, AIP. Anything that is original and real Horror. I try to avoid all remakes and for the most part any sequels after the third, it's just a good rule. Oh, and I like 1950's teen delinquent, hotrod, and rock and roll films. I'm also recognized as having the finest and most complete memorabilia, prop (and even some costumes) collection for the film Phantom Of The Paradise in the world. I've been collecting on this film since its 1974 release. If I don't have it already, I want it, but I haven't found any item that I don't already own on this film in over a decade.

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